The Common Bond

Our Team

Oath of The Common Bond

We the undersigned envision a new paradigm, one which upholds and encourages the will and responsibility to understand all that sustains our well-being. Through acknowledgement of the interdependence within all life we actualize a dominant society which considers the impact and external consequences of its actions both on itself and its home. For these reasons and more we sign an Oath toward the Common Bond between all things natural, social, and economic.


I acknowledge the rights of nature, and the responsibilities of humanity. I acknowledge the interconnectedness of all things. I acknowledge that our existence creates externalities that must be addressed. I will minimize these externalities and be conscious of nature's equal rights to our own. I will strive to mitigate our externalities in order to restore the health of ecosystems that we touch.


I believe knowledge finds its best application when shared. I acknowledge that cooperation has great power over competition. I acknowledge that transparency is required for an open society. I acknowledge that I came to where I am with the assistance of others. I acknowledge that I, my family, social circle, community, region and nation are neither below nor above others. I will ascertain how others wish to be treated, and treat them at least that well.


I will place the benefit of people and planet above profits. I believe that if something is not environmentally sustainable, it is not economically sustainable either. I understand that giving is the greatest form of investment in a healthy society, and that which I give to my community I give also to myself. I will devote a portion of my resources to the well being of others whether in times of scarcity or abundance. I will conduct my commerce with respect to the limits nature imposes, and be mindful of all resultant externalities. I will strive to forge an efficient and resilient economy, that provides abundance for as many as possible.

COMMITMENT: Whether in times of abundance or scarcity I will uphold these commitments, beliefs, and acknowledgements.