Cascadia Commons Benevolence

Cascadia Commons Benevolence is a benevolent society whose area of operation is based upon the watershed system of the Pacific Northwest, also known as The Cascadia Bioregion.

The vision of Cascadia Commons is to foster a thriving, regional community that is economically prosperous and in harmony with the natural environment. To make this vision a reality, Cascadia Commons aspires to develop and support a network of Lodges, Cooperatives and Programs that address the unique social, economic and environmental challenges of the Cascadia Bioregion.

Members of Cascadia Commons share a Common Bond in seeking solutions to maintain a local and bioregional balance. We promote an organizational philosophy where Members connect to the place in which they live, finding ways to interact with its surrounding web of life. We embrace bioregional and deep ecology principles that preserve, protect, and restore the local social, natural and economic environment.

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